Life and Bieber, no wait, Bieber is life


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I just make music strictly for my fans. I think that I’m not worried about what the media has to say, I’m just worried about what my fans love and they just love my music and the genuineness of me.
Justin during his ExtraTV interview at the Young Hollywood Awards (x)

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The fact that just a few months ago Justin was at his worst and hit rock bottom, and today he’s happy, healthy and thinking like this even when he knows theres still people out there waiting for him to screw up again and watch him fall makes me so unbelievably happy and proud of him you don’t even know.

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Justin Bieber Fashion (x)

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This is a very important post.

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scooterbraun: I am pretty excited this morning. Spent all night in the studio last night with @justinbieber @codysimpson @yeshuathegudwin and @andrew50watt. Sometimes friends pick up guitars and one song leads into many. A special project is coming and music that is going to shock people. Wow!!! Amazing lyrics, vocals, and songs!! Very excited. Been a long time coming. Taking it back to how it started :) awesome. People haven’t heard them sing like this. Awesome!!! This one is for everyone. Shocking!